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Entrances Management

Reception & entrances management Services In & out for individuals & goods

We provide comprehensive reception & entrances Service 24 hours per day in full compliance with the requirements within Service Standards.

The service will ensure the safety and security of all staff and visitors to the client maintaining a highly visible presence whilst providing a professional and courteous service to legitimate visitors to the facility.
Function and Scope:

  • Entrances management.
  • Entrances records & information.
  • Surveillance and monitoring systems utilizing CCTV.
  • Control of access to high risk areas.
  • Daily reporting.
  • Lost property.
  • Provision of information to visitors.

Security Technology and Systems.

  • The task of providing reliable and cost effective solutions for the protection and control of personnel and material assets calls for a unique blend of skills and resources.
  • Our security engineers complement the activities of our consultants by working closely with the client to determine performance requirements, detailing system designs, cable routes, positioning and connecting of equipment including environmental and aesthetic condition
  • A few of the areas we concentrate are as follows:
    • Integrated Alarm Systems
    • Access Control
    • Access Control
    • Intruder Alarm
    • Closed Circuit Television
    • Electronic Article Surveillance
    • Perimeter Site Protection
    • Public Address System
    • Parking Systems

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