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Administration Security

comprises of administration security division, security consulting and a security systems:

  • Reception & entrances management Services In & out for…

Facilities Services

Facility services is comprises of integrated soft & hard FM that able the clients to focus in core business:

  • Facility Management administration service.
خدمات الإستقبال وتنظيم الدخول فى مصر

Entrances Management

We provide comprehensive reception & entrances Service 24 hours per day in full compliance with the requirements 

The service will ensure the safety and security….

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an essential procedure in security that able the client to identify any potential risk & to prepare a preventive action in advance to protect the facility from any expected threat to cover the following…

Risk Assessment
Cleaning And Disinfection

Cleaning and Disinfection

The aim and objective of the Cleaning Service is to enable provision of a clean and tidy environment so as to minimize the risk to public health and disruption to the operation…

Pest Control​

To deliver a Pest Control service which is flexible and responsive ensuring that it meets the specification standards and enhancing the quality…..


One of the limited companies that provide integrated Facility Management services located in the Egypt market.




Facilities Services
Security Systems
Risk Assessment

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